Top Cleaning Tips For Moving Out of Your Home

Before we give you our definitive checklist of top cleaning tips for moving, let’s take a second to talk about hiring  professional cleaning services.  We’ve all considered hiring a regular maid service or cleaning service to help you move in or out of a space.  There’s certainly no need to apologize for bringing in professional help.  If it’s right for you, given your lifestyle and income then by all means, hire someone!

We would also throw it out there, that one of the circumstances under which you should seriously consider such a service is around moving time. If you could be at risk of losing a large deposit over a dirty home or rental property, or you’re simply out of time – it’s worth the cost of National Dusters to help you recoup that money with a move out cleaning service.  On the flip side of your move, if you can’t or won’t give your new place a thorough un-filthing then why not call in professionals, provided you can afford the cost?

FACT: We’re all capable of washing our cars, and yet the local car wash still manages to get your business. Feeling better? Good.

Top cleaning tips for moving
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The Prep to Move

Let’s talk about getting ready to move out. The place needs  a thorough cleaning and walk through. Whether you’re selling or have a landlord, there are expectations from the opposing party, so let’s get crackin’!

Define the cleaning regimen. Get a realtors walkthrough or landlords checklist. Often times “broom clean” is a term that is applied to this scenario, but that real ambiguous. You need to understand the expectations and have that conversation. The last thing you want to do is incur a surprise expense or have to come back, when you’re getting settled into your new home. Keep in mind, you only need to do the bare minimum. The owner or management company will likely come in with a cleaning company or construction projects anyway.

Here are the basics. Walls:

  • Remove nails and hooks from all walls. If the walls have been damaged beyond just a “hole” in the wall, you may want to touch them up or spackle them.
  • If you’ve painted the walls anything other than a neutral color or white, and you rent the space that you are in, you may want to consider painting them back. Many apartments, condos, rented town homes, etc will require this.
  • If there are funky marks on the wall or stains that don’t belong there, hit them with the magic eraser or some other cleaning technology that makes life easier.


  • Sweep everywhere! Its common courtesy but also makes a huge difference when entering a space.
  • If there are spills, residue or unidentified sticky substances pull out your swiffer and go to town. Its not nice to leave those things behind.


  • Its imperative that the bathrooms are free of hair and mold and toothpaste yuckies. So, once you’ve gotten everything packed up, head in with a some CLR or your favorite bathroom spray and cover the place – head to toe. While that is marinating away, sweep the floor or wet swiffer it if needed.


  • Kitchen is big… you don’t ned to aim for perfection; remember the bare minimum is all you need to do. There are some areas that may have seemed fine to you, because you’re used to your own dirt, but take a second look at how potentially disgusting the refrigerator is. The inside of cabinets may be in the same condition from cooking oils, baking goods and spice racks. The easiest approach here is probably to use and all purpose cleaner and spray the whole place down. Then come back with a towel to wipe it down in about 10 minutes.

Other areas of concern

  • Window ledges. If you’re like most people, you’ve not looked at them for  years and they are, well… disgusting. Wet down a cloth or paper towel and get in there with a little elbow grease. Stray hair, dirt, all that stuff… gross!
  • Repairs. This could be the hard part and you may possibly identify the difference between normal “wear and tear” vs. things you probably should have replaced quite some time ago. Lack of upkeep and broken items simply turn into “damage” and you might be stuck taking care of that if you had not previously.

The Final Word on Cleaning to Move

We feel for you; this is a big chore. Many people think they’ll pack their own boxes, prep their own move, clean the space that they live in and follow the movers right out the door. We’ve got news for you; it’s not happening.

All good intentions aside, most people have never successfully managed to nail this scenario and in fact spend extra time and money on cleaning supplies, their friends’ labor and fixing things along the way. They truth is, you could be 10 boxes deep into your new move-in by the time you get done with cleaning your home to move.

We feel for you. We’re here for you. National Dusters can help you move in, move out, and handle your monthly cleaning chores that your busy family doesn’t have time to do.

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