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Clean your business. Watch your company grow…

Is Cleaning Your Business an Investment in Your Company?

This article will help you and your company save precious time and money. You can achieve your objectives and avoid the mistakes that many companies make when hiring a cleaning service for regular cleaning inside their offices or buildings. After years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, we’ve realized some crucial mistakes that put your company at a disadvantage and potentially set up for failure and frustration.

Here’s Our Top Three
  • Businesses assume that cleaning a building is no more than taking out the trash, vacuuming and scrubbing the floors once in the while. Companies that make these assumptions tend to hire cleaning companies based on price and how versed the sales person may have been. Mistake.
  • Businesses fail to analyze their cleaning needs as if they were going to take on the responsibility of ensuring that their environment will clean, sanitary and stress-free for themselves and their employees.  This is the most common oversight we’ve seen and prompts businesses to “react”, rather than be proactive in realizing the complexity of this job and its effect on moral.
  • Businesses fail to put a proper request for proposal or booking process in place, which sets them up to accept vague bids. This will set you up to repeat this process over and over again, causing frustration with the help that you are hiring. Hence, starting over and seeking a new cleaning company.

Most companies simply aren’t aware this is happening. Treat this process like any other investment – do your research, inspect your options for the long haul and look at their feedback.  If more businesses did this, they’d be a lot happier and they’d be saving a lot more money. On the flip side, they’d likely be keeping their cleaning companies for many more years to come.

How Mistakes Create Problems

Here’s an example of mistakes that get made in sourcing a monthly, recurring cleaning service for your business. A prospective client in recently met with us and mentioned that their cleaning provider had just sent over the new rates for the coming year showing a substantial increase! Why would there be such a big change? What went wrong that they charged ‘so little’ in the first year and then hiked the price by 20% in the next; a normal year-by-year increase is 1%-5%.

Marketing is the answer; competition is another. It’s likely that the cleaning service raised its rates because, when they signed the original contract, they promised the client an unrealistically low price in order to beat out competing bids. It’s also possible they simply didn’t accurately assess the ongoing needs of the business and have course-corrected for the ensuing year without much warning.

This happens really often and we’re all very competitive however, if the company that hired the cleaners didn’t provide an RFP or a clear process for accepting bids, then they didn’t have a clear understanding of needs, costs or comparisons.

What’s the Answer to a Clean Business?

Whether you hire National Dusters or not, we hope you become a better shopper of cleaning services.

Reminder: A cleaning service is a team that ensures your office staff and clients are working in a clean and healthy environment, and that affects employee morale and productivity. They will look up to you for supervising a clean, healthy and vibrant work environment.  There’s plenty of research and case studies to prove that cleaning has a direct impact on a business’s bottom line.

Today is the day, you make a better decision. Experience a healthier, cleaner home or office.  Let’s get started!



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