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Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduces Pollutants and Fungi

Many pollutants such as dirt, dust mites, and pet hair can be found indoors and will build up in your carpet over time.  As we enter our homes there’s no way to eliminate tracking in dirt and contaminants and if you have children and/or pets then the rate at which that occurs increases.

Vacuuming is important surface cleaning but regular deeper cleaning of flooring fibers is necessary to get rid of unwanted pollution.  Professional steam cleaning reduces toxins that might be present deep in your carpet and the powerful equipment controls the amount of moisture applied and suctions out the dislodged dirt and excess water.

A certified technician using professional equipment is the best choice for removing the excess water.  These industrial machines get steam MUCH hotter, killing microbial growth, and loosening oils and dirt.  In contrast, small store rental “steam cleaners” tend to leave nighter amounts of moisture in your carpet leading to mold and mildew growth rather than removal.  Once established, fungi can be very stubborn, spreading within carpet padding and wood flooring, and airborne spores may become prolific and expensive to remove.

Professional carpet cleaning services assures the safety and clenliness of the air and surfaces in your home.  For professional carpet cleaning services, contact National Dusters today.  612-387-8377

Clean your business. Watch your company grow…

Is Cleaning Your Business an Investment in Your Company?

This article will help you and your company save precious time and money. You can achieve your objectives and avoid the mistakes that many companies make when hiring a cleaning service for regular cleaning inside their offices or buildings. After years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, we’ve realized some crucial mistakes that put your company at a disadvantage and potentially set up for failure and frustration.

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