Keeping a Clean Home with Pets

How to keep a clean home with pets

Keeping a clean house when you have dogs, cats, rodents or even fish tanks, might seem impossible.

For those of us  who love our furry friends and other family pets, another layer of de-fur-balling is added to our daily and weekly house cleaning routines. So here’s a few tips to help guide you through the jungle.

Start with the basic principles of house cleaning

Ok, so we’re not assuming you don’t know how to keep your space clean, but often times people simply forget to integrate common chores into their daily lives. Suddenly there’s a mess to clean on day or company swing by and you’re embarrassed by it. Here’s how to head it off.

  • Brush or comb your pets. If your little princess looks like Ewok, so will your couch and the corners of your home. Loose pet hair can quickly turn into blobs of hairy dust balls.  Your central heating and cooling system will love it to.
  • Use a pet bed or designated spot for sleeping.  Keeping fido off your favorite chair while you’re relaxing in it, is a discipline that not many humans can master. In fact, dogs and cats often do a superb job of training their people to accommodate their relaxation needs. But if you can train them to sleep in their own space, the amount of hair and “stuff” that spread throughout the house will stay at a very manageable level.
  • Animals eat at their eating station. Simple – keep their mess contained.
  • Wipe off paws when coming in from outside. Easy right? Well its another due diligence thing, but many people just let dogs come in from the back yard and have at it. Dirty! Keep a towel by your door or designate a paw wiping area.
  • Close off rooms that your furry friends do not need to be in. Why give them the run of the house when you’re the one cleaning it. 

    Keeping your home clean with pets

    Focus on high traffic areas

    The high-traffic areas in your home are also likely to be the main places where your house where your pets like to hang out with the people. Your cleaning regimen will tend to have a significant amount of resources focused here.  Consistency is the key to success, whether you have one pet or five. Stay on top of high traffic areas.

    Maintain tile and hardwood floors

    Its a grass-roots project. You have to start from the beginning and strive for taking control of the situation. Vacuuming once a week is highly recommended. To extend the of your carpets, you may want to have a more aggressive routine. If you have hardwood floors or other hard surfaces, you’ll want to run a Swiffer around regularly as traditional sweeping will just blow the fur around the house.

    If you clean your floors more than once per week, you’ll notice that the time it takes to do the task will shorten quite a bit, and the usual clumps of hair laying around unexpected places will slowly disappear.

    To kill germs and sanitize the area thoroughly and often, you might consider steam cleaning hard floor surfaces, such as tile or stone. You might also just hire a monthly recurring maid service.

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